by Radigan

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my baby lost his mind but he
found religion
found religion
yes he found religion
he took mine
while i was standin in the kitchen
lord what's a girl to do

father i know that i'm supposed to
love my brother
love my brother
i should love my brother
but it's so hard
when he's such a mother
lord what's a girl to do

i take my broken heart
down to sunset park
and go look for mr jacques
he says i need some rum
and to bang on a drum
and to offer up a cock

but it's hard to find a rooster
on the streets of brooklyn
streets of brooklyn
on the streets of brooklyn
i should know
cause you know i went a lookin
lord what's a girl to do

in the midnight hour
when i feel the power
i call out your name
then i take the pin
and i drive it in
oh and vengeance guides my aim

for every tear i cry
may five fall from your eyes
every night i lie awake
may you feel the writhing of a thousand snakes
may your future be my present
may my present be the past
and when it's time for laughing
oh let mine be the last

lord it's been some time since my
last confession
last confession
since my last confession
but you know that boy
had to learn a lesson


released March 3, 2011



all rights reserved


Radigan Brooklyn, New York

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